David against the Giant?

When I rolling the web searching business news from CNN Money for my assignment, a topic listed “Dell and Intel: Big Tech behaving badly” brings my attention. Here goes the topic:
First, Intel manipulated the chip market by paid rebate to Dell, HP, Lenovo and Acer to let them stay away AMD since early 2003 to 2006.
Second, Dell got rebate around $4.3 billon, they lied their investors by putting this amount back to computer maker report pretend this is part of their operating profit. Until May 2006 Intel stop paid so called “incentive program” their operating profit server dropped off by 36%. They still keep lying to their investors, they didn’t do any wrong.
Third, Intel dealt a peace treaty with AMD and paid its rival $1.25 billion to obtain AMD dropped all lawsuits against Intel as a return.
I still remembered the day when we first time saw the AMD chipset. My boss announce it with exciting sound, he believes the new technology can bring server another future. But after that at following serial projects, a different server hadn’t been found.
We understanding the important about “free market economy” operation, but to protect a future start to against big giant should belong to government’s responsibility. To my surprise is the wording that reporter use, “naughty behavior” Intel… It seems if a company is big and reach enough, they’re bad behavior becomes tolerable and reasonable. Even though such serious finical crime “antitrust” and happen in States.

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