About Movie “Front of the Class”

Brad Cohen has suffered by severe Tourette syndrome since he was child. He can’t help but keeping make bark noise no matter when and where -especially he feel nervous. These behaviors embarrassed his parents and friends very much. At that time, no one knows he injured by the mental disease. They marked him as a problem child finally.
At the first beginning, his mother thought his abnormal behaviors may came from her divorce. Therefore, they started to see the shrink frequently. But it was no improve after many times treatments. He was keeping made troubles in school. Finally, his mother couldn’t tolerate anymore and also didn’t trust the comments come from the shrink. She started find the more suitable answer in the library. And she found. It is Tourette who causing Brad has these kind strange behaviors.
Jessica’s comments:
In the end of the movie I notice Brad give a speech to thanks his long term best friend –Tourette who give the chance to teach him never give up. But I can’t help but keep wondering who is the first person taught him never give up? The answer should be his mother. His mother just a simple saleswoman which don’t have good job or high education. These conditions not stop her to find the real answer. She helps his son stand up at the first step and also provides him enough support, encourage at his follow life.
I also notice that Brad is fully trusted in his father‘s love–even the time when he thought his father not support him as a teacher. When Brad failed to gain a private exam room for his master degree test, the first one he think about to call help was his father. Of course, his father not let him down.
In my opinion, Brad’s success is not a coincidence. It is a combination result, a love nexus between parents and child.

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