Deja Vu

Genetic testing can help people to find out did they has higher chance than average people to get genetic diseases or not. People start to use the method to choice the stronger one that they want. The testing seems reasonable to help people ignore the unhealthy genetic they don’t wanted then preserve stronger one to live. But life is an easy question only yes or no answer? Didn’t the one we named it “un-healthy genetic” worth to lives? When people seeking eternal life blindly, what thing truly left behind?

For centuries, scientists kept finding the root cause of disease that cause people die. They have done a very good job from cholera to Black Death. Did all the disease been wipe out? No, they bounce back again more fiercely in a different type.

Just like Murphy’s laws said, “Every solution breeds new problems.” Do we really know how strong weapon we already got on hand? How many unborn children been left just because we think they unhealthy?

People should learn more how to respect life first then start to use genetic science as our weapon.



When people over 35years old, to keep in good shape becomes very difficult. That is why diet drug commercial always hot.

I had tried many kinds of methods to get rid of my fat, ate meat only without starch, ate banana as breakfast only, ate apple only, drink honey water only… those methods really unhealthy and can’t consistently going on. These diet methods, only temporary reduce my weight but also killing my health. Fortunately, I’m a lucky guy with many good colleagues around. Coa and Karen invite me join their running team, we decided to run 30minutes in near school playground twice a week at least.

It has many years pass by since I took exercise in playground after I left school. The first day when we walked into the elementary, one teacher even asking me “did you want to take baby back?” Well, I’m not the type sports guy obviously.
In the first run on the playground, I still felt embarrassed even don’t know how to place my hands and feet properly, but after the 2nd round, I felt at ease. I can felt the wind below through my hair, and the winter smell contains in the air that really charming. That smell contains burning woods and some food cooking. The smell brings my memory back while I was a child leave with my grandparents.

My grandparents their life style is saving and simple, we called the way LOHAS today. They don’t allow us use gas often, or a lot running water, even we have those equipments already. Instead, we carry groundwater back which away from home a distance long as our bath. We were boiling it with a big pot in our firewood room. Everyone should take care of his own pot, no matter carry it or boiling it, even my grandparents, no expectation. That was a very good experience learnt LOHAS especially to a city child. The wood burning smell just brings back me the old memory.

Every step I take, I inhaled the smell deeply. I welcome the cold breath chilly and fill in my chest. When we finished our 30minutes exercise, we start walk back to company. All the way back, we chat and laughing.
What a disirable export experience!


No one deserves left behind

Manager runs into employee’s administration problems from time to time.

In major situation, employees misjudge their capability. The most of them believes they are not good enough, but still face the challenges directly even with tears. Their achievements honor the organization in proud.

It seldom, but still happen, some of them are naïve. This small group believe there are the best only miss-treated by the one who don’t understand them. When one day the duty comes they found out their ability can’t afforded it, their ego face the challenges, to handle thing in cynical attitude is a common way they will take. Why the thing comes to me? Why I’m busy then the others? It must be my boss doesn’t like me want to set me up. So they fight back and make things getting worst, they don’t know thing can be deal in fluently when with open heart.

Runs under the capitalism system, boss preferring every employee exhaust their every drop of energy on their daily duty. Moreover, in order to ensure the company’s competition capability keep on the top, the management level been requested always hire the best or ensure your employee is the best then can stay in the group. Under this kind request, a retire system runs, a lay off rate been set up to ensure the last one in the group must been given up.

It seems fair, but every engineer always in the progress every day, only some of them learning in high speed and some of them are low. The system starts creating the conflicts.

Two kinds employee are not allow existed in system, one is bad performance with bad working attitude, another is good performance but with bad working attitude. The bad working attitude always brings side effects its harm the system that we can’t afford it. No matter how carefully and seriously we run the process, the lay-off system always hurts both sides and makes us uncomfortable.

One of my engineers reminds me with an ancient story recently, it was an old story every Chinese already know. The story talk about a Buddhist he leads a small group of team need take a long and hardest trip in order to achieve their own destiny. During their trip, they need co-work together face tons of challenge and difficulties. Without their hand in hand cooperation, no one can success. No one can leave behind.

I never thought we can use another view to see the story. But it is really a good start make me deeply thinking thing in another way. Some people takes very time to wait, it may slow down the speed of goal that we want to make. But within a bearable schedule, I still can control it.

Anyway, a runner always need take a step back while they start to race.


Trumna Show

In Asia, the most of traditional parents believe children are their own private property. Under the name of love, they step in and control everything. They arranged them what to eat, how the way they think, what’s the hobby they allow to keep…etc. When children grow older, parents start to manage children’s future, what’s school they can in? What’s kind the subject they can study… Children grow up in the fetter that name under of love.

It is hard to makes traditional parents believes their children already adult. Battles always happened when big world becomes charming to children. Children fight for the way how they experience the new world. Fortunately, battles may stop when one side wisely choice to let go. But it may never stop even after children got married. The battles become complicated when another family is join in.

What’s the marriage means to young generation? To hand in hand face unpredictable challenges together from the future or just an easy key say goodbye to their parent’s control? The truth is, if the young couple isn’t mature enough, you just jump out from a cage to another. Unfortunately, this new one is bigger more they you used to be. You will never aware it until you hit the wall of Trumna.



This is Car's name. But it is very similar to my Chinese's pronunciation.
Unfortunately, it is not a fancy car but a trunk.
Anyway, hope every of you enjoy surving on my web.