The Most Unforgatable Experience of Mine

I remember vividly the day that I made a big mistake –I was not listening to my mother’s words to keep the door closed. When I was eight years old, in the third grade, my family lived on 4F of an old apartment in which other seven families lived. Those families used the same entrance which was normally open because children forgot to close it all the time. My mother was worried about our safety and kept reminding us that we must close the door after walking in. Unfortunately I treated it as a murmuring and wasn’t willing to follow it.
The day was Saturday. Only my younger brother and I stayed at home. My father went out for work and my mother was also out for grocery shopping. We were very happy because we could temporary away from my mother’s supervision.
We started to play. A couple minutes after, we started to find something to eat. There was no snack at home, so I went out for it and asked my brother stay at home.
When I went back at main gate of the apartment, my hands were full with snacks. Therefore, I decided to keeping the door open -ignored my mother’s instruction totally. By the time I climbed up to 3F, I found a stranger man after me.
I thought it was someone’s guest and was not aware any dangerous. I kept climbing. Suddenly, the man stopped me and asked, “little girl, did you know who was xxxx?” I stood up, turned back and tried to answer his question. A terrible thing happened. I found the man’s hand was under my skirt!
I started to cry. I thrown my snacks toward the man’s face and ran. I ran very fast to home, with the speed that I never had. I punched the door loudly with crying voice, “Dad, Dad opened the door!”
My younger brother slowly answered the door and asked, “sister, why you said that? You know Dad wasn’t at home.” Fortunately, the man probably shocked by my voice and he wasn’t followed me.
I didn’t tell my family about this accident. I was so afraid that they will blame me on my carless. But after that, I keep the door closed always and never forget it.


Have you ever written Regularly to someone?

I wrote regular letters to my grandparents monthly while I was a child. These regular letters help us form a tightly emotional connection between family. These letters also helped me to walk through the dark valley of my life.
My Farther left his hometown early for finance reason. Just like the other millions of young man, away hometown just for a better job in a big city. These letters wrote by me but present him with his best wishes and conveyed deeply miss to his family. While I wrote and read these letters, I learnt how to love my family and experienced the deepness best wishes from grandparents.


Do you remember learning to write?

The writing experience of mine was started by elementary school while I was Nine years old. But the “real” writing experience that I could remember was the day at my third grade.
At very first beginning, my writing was thought by my mother, every word I wrote, every thought I made was came from her directly -just use my hand to write them down. That was bored me. Until one day, the teacher gave an assignment, “what do you do while your weekend?” My mother let me write it freely and put the score aside. I used four pages of sheets then finished the work. Finally, I got an “A-“.
After that day, I learnt the interest from writing. My teacher let me know; she liked and encouraged me if the writing really done by myself. I felt safe and welcome from her attitude. It makes me believe the writing seems not that difficult if I tried my best.


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television has destroyed communication among friends and family

Although Television acting as a mass media to bridge peoples’ social life and modern world, it still has many serious drawbacks. Let me explain my opinion by three bullets.
So, I’ll start by filling you in the background of “Coach Potato”
Finally, I’ll elaborate on why we “lost mutual understanding” causing by television.

Television provides lots of programs to attract people watch them. These programs are full with sound and various image art to persuade audience stay tuned. Especially when people back home after working all day long, these programs grab all their attention make them sit on the coach stick in front of TV, indulge in these entertainment then become a coach potato.

In order to grab audience attention, the TV program full with Violence, Sex and Propaganda. Those things are minor in real world but major in TV show. The unscrupulous themes can be easily imitated by young children and adult, because they are detail enough and frequently published over and over at media. People who addicted in TV program too much they got problem to figure out what went wrong.

Finally, we lost our trust to human being. We lack of patient to understand who think in different with us. We indulge in the phantom world that TV creation too much and forget what is real. We lost the patience to maintain mutual relationship between people. Finally, we lost the connection among friends.

How to maintain a lasting meaningful relationship is depends on how you understand and familiar with real world. If people who addicted into TV program too much, he or she literally lost control by phantom world that TV program created. Moreover, they are totally block out and forbidden by read world.