Since I was a child, introspection daily before fall asleep for minutes becomes my regular habit every day. I’m fully confident if the decision made by that. Therefore, no other voice can break through my mind especially I believe I’m right. I even don’t feel sorry no matter how the effects becomes.

When I’m getting older, I found my decision becomes vary. Not because I’m wrong, but because things may have different factors. The decision made becomes more complicate base on my experienced. One day suddenly I found, how’s the decision made while I’m still young or inexperience? I may hurt people but even not aware of it!

Years ago, I got one colleague who just graduated from school. She is so young and full with trust with people natural, always good to all her related. I’m very worried on her and afraid someone will hurt her. After years go by, I found the people who around her treat her in good way even the choosy guys! Then I start to believe, the relationship between people can be good if the very start with trust.

Are humans naturally evil or good? For the one who hurt by me I’m devil. For the one who got help by me, I am angel.
The interaction is base on what we take and given.

People may change, people may make mistake. We need trust our heart not our eyes sometimes.
No matter how, everyone do deserve the 2nd chance.


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

I like flowers. I believe every woman present each own style just like variety of them.

One of my friend told me that some guy who been layoff by me kept delivery a rumor, my position not due to my ability but an affair.
When he talked me about this, the first thing came across through my mind not angry but a yell, “I’m still a woman!”
And someone in somewhere still has men believes me that I’m still attractive!

When I figure out what’s ironic here, I became frustrated.
Why I lost my sense of woman these years? I’m just 40years old, not 70years old.
I work as a mechanical engineer for years in the past, even at that time I never lost my woman sense until now. What’s happening? I’m confused.

I went to facial beauty salon once a month, the reason is the treatment there can make me looks full energy, bright and clean.
The fortune teller said, with a bright and clean forehead can help my carrier.
Iit’s not for beauty.
I went to college for Yoga exercise once a week.
The reason is to keep a good shape can give others first impression not flabby and lazy.
It’s also not for beauty.

What’s wrong now?

When I planting the roses at the garden I realize one thing,
I need presenting like a follower not a gardener.
"No such thing can hurt my feelings as a woman! "
I will finally find my own style of flowers even I'm 40!

I told my husband the story and what's I'm learned.
He comments the accident in very brutal way,
“No such thing a man with power and great money would like the old woman instead of young girl!”
“Man wants a second lover not a second wife!”

@@#%^**… What’s a piggy!