The furthest distance in the world

The furthest distance in the world

Is not between life and death

But when I stand in front of you

Yet you don’t know that I love you

The furthest distance in the world

Is not when i stand in front of you

Yet you can’t see my love

But when undoubtedly knowing the love from both

Yet cannot Be togehter

The furthest distance in the world

Is not being apart while being in love

But when plainly can not resist the yearning

Yet pretending

You have never been in my heart

The furthest distance in the world

Is not But using one’s indifferent heart

To dig an uncrossable river

For the one who loves you


Something different is good

The space of my car isn’t big enough for whole family to fit in, we was selected the one just for cost concern and children still youth at then. Ten years pass by, the car is old and the sounds can be heard everywhere especially when the wheel turns. I suppose it may the right to have a new car. Even though the world economic crisis are still existed not vanished.

We visited car show room this weekend try to learn more the newest car from them. As one of Toyota’s fan, their show room is my first choice. When we walk in their door the crowded people is first impression. It’s really difficult to sniff out the sign of money shortage. (“No salary paid vacation” may only happen at IP business.) My husband gives me that kind of “look” since when we go out from home I insisted we dressed in “casual”.

I only interested two breeds “WISH” and “RV4”. Unfortunately, I near in RV4 first therefore I put WISH aside all the way behind until I walk out Toyota show room then realize it. The RV4 really a high quality car, no matter you takes a distance look or closes it. It needn’t fancy equipment to decorate it, the quality can be felt from each tiny detail, for example the stitches of the leather car seat. They are tight and fit, all the curve lines firmly leaning by the seat 3D angle. What a beautiful! But since my husband and I seems not rich enough to offered high quality car, the young salesman just give us a politeness welcome.

The 2nd car was CR-V, Honda’s car show room Japanese brand. It wasn’t brining my attention at first; I walk in there just because my husband likes to take a look. When the old salesman talk to my husband, I felt very boring just walk around and check. After few minutes they talk, the salesman give us propose the test drive. It really a nice drive experience when the car so high. When he opened the roof window, ooh, I almost can feel the sky! Until the night, the salesman came over to our door give us the souvenir that he claims he forgot to give us that morning. What a smart guy!

The 3rd one… It was “outlander’ I even no patience do the outline check!

I’m here do the counting, does any chance my family afford another car? I told to myself, do more think about…



With experienced twenty working years, the kind mistake shouldn’t happen to me. Unfortunately, I still walk into the trap easily without hesitation, what a foolish!

It was just a regular supplier visiting day. The little different only is the visitor in high position which control all Asia headquarter for X company. As usual, we made greeting at first then exchange the comments we had last year. As a RD senior manager in IEC, my comments also got a very good shoot. When I told the poor service about X company, one member present from our side remind me need mentioned the cheated behavior happened in the project. The cheated issue is a fake specification the X company RD team was made. I still can remember how I was angry when I caught it. I thanks for his reminding, and talked the accident very directly. By the time while I was talking, I only can notice the VP is very serious listening.

After our conversation, the VP asked me provide him evidence, he trust my word but need this to take action. Since the atmosphere is very strange while he asking me. I realize it must something serious will happened after that. Therefore I refuse provide it, just pretending that I lost the file.

Until the night I was informed, the VP already got the evidence from “the other”, the curious thing was the “the other” not in the mail loop but their branch sales. Why the evidence ready just in time? I made a quick research and found all involved into the things has conflict with X company RD team and their GM. This is a setup just waiting for my first shoot!

My rational told me, if they not cheating at first then no chance to have them caught. However, I can’t tolerate is, how I become one of them without vigilance! If next time, the setup is directly to me, how can I avoid it? Is there any chance, I put my company in dangerous?

I woke up all night can’t sleep but think, how can I sense the trick in advance next time? This is a lesson learn that I first time have. “Tomorrow is another day.’ I won’t make same thing happened again.