Embrace Today

I have no idea what I’m going to write. This month stun with shock to me.

Last Tuesday night around 10:30pm, I got a phone call from a next door my neighbor. It was an unusual situation that timing I got a call. Almost of them are not good. My neighbor, she trying to tell me a tragedy happened in the community -one neighbor’s husband dead because he killed himself. The reason is financial problem hits him and he has a psyche problem which cause him can’t afford it and choice the worst way to face. I was very sad when I heard this.

When the day we move here, we’re happy and proud. Most of us are selected by salesman then can move in –we commonly have a nice job, the most of us works for computer companies or as teachers. Actually, in the past, our living style really better than other people. But when this worldwide economic downturn problem happened, everything changed. We’re hurt. I’m not means the other people doesn’t get hurt, but the Great Depression damage IT industry most.

We all get to use on comfortable life, a fancy car, nice coffee, wonderful meal… But when life becomes difficult, do we have the courage to face all challenges from the God? I believe, what we are today came from the past we were, what we are tomorrow are today we made.