To see the season follower blooming is my wish for months, but it seems not easy to catch with.
My family CRV has a comfortable inside space which makes me more eager to go out for that.

Yesterday, the photo of travel column on newspaper brings my attention, numbers of flowers were blooming.
The tune tree aisle covered by thousands of white flowers; the falling petals just like flower snow the presenting picture was so beautiful just like a dream! I grab the paper show it to my husband than we decide to have a trip today.

The spot that we plan to visit is Sanyi which located in Miaoli County. Although the near Dashi has same scenic spots, we still decide drive farther considering about traffic congestion. The traffic problem becomes serious there. Years lately, Dashi is famous by the old buildings and well known to near citizens of Counties. The traffic especially in holiday is a nightmare, even well known every trails the native people like us has no way to go.

The children get up early; they are excited by the trip.
My daughter picks up some straw berries from the garden back yard as a snack before our way to go.
The day was so beautiful full with soft sunshine and tender wind. Even in boring drive hours we’re enjoyed.
The journey hours full with happy chatting and harmlessly teasing, lovely noise covering the car.
We move to our destination steadily.
The pleasant atmosphere makes us talk too much and drink too much.

Sooner, we found out we must hurry up for the lavatory.

Murphy's Law did his magic again.
It happened before 2km of Exist interchange Sanyi, we run into serious traffic congestion.
Stuck in car line after 10mintues, the seconds just like years to us but we still away from Exist 2km.
We’re force to give up Sanyi Exist but heading toward to next rest area.
After an embarrassing confusion, we all safely pass the moment.
Our destination changed by the interlude, we visited Taisugar plant in Howli as an instead.

Well, to see the season flower seems uneasy to me.
It’s may be a good excuse to make a leave while working hours.