Ordinary Happiness

It was a sunny weekend. A beautiful weather good enough for people take actions at outside.

I woke up early went to the nearest campus with my husband doing some light exercise. After that, we took a simple meal then another favorite weekend action start–gardening. Since the spring comes, my backyard gardens fool with weeds, some fence plants becomes irregular which need small rearrangement.

My fence plants combine with two different vegetations, camellias and thymes. Their growing speed is very different, thymes grows faster while spring comes but no flowers, camellias blooming at very spring. When the camellias line cover with beautiful pink flowers, it really an amazing sight view when look out from the window. Thymes have its own strength even no beautiful flower contains. When summer comes, the thymes will bloom with tiny follower which not easy to visible but you won’t neglect it because it full with pleasant perfume. Our particular action today is move forward the camellias line leave thymes stay alone with the fence.

It only takes two hours for the gardening work, after that, our hands dirt and body wet by sweat. But it stills an enjoyable choke. By the time while we do the chore, my children play around with ball, their noisy sound fill with our ears.

The sunshine wasn’t too hot just warm enough makes people can easily work at outside with short sleeve out off constrain by the winter heavy coat. Stay outside to embrace the warm becomes an ordinary happiness, thanks God to give me the capability to understand and enjoy this simple delight.

It was a very beautiful weekend.


The emotional words in Chinese that can’t proper translate it in English

The difficult words that I select are "不忍", "揪心".
Although both them are very ancient writings but still commonly use today.

What is "不忍"? When we can see it in the phrase? People may translate "不忍" to “Sorry” in English most of the time, but “Sorry” can widely use on a lot of circumstance which can’t explain the feelings properly.

"不忍"only can use on sad scene in Chinese, particularly use to describe a sad emotion. For example, an outsider which witnesses a tragedy happen at a person or people whom are helpless to handle it. This kind emotion is sympathy that full with mercy and pity which came from human’s natural noble quality. There is no room for guise or pretend contain in it.

The emotion of “揪心” is thing may happened on you or related other which brings very strong emotion just like someone hold your heart and squeeze gently. It’s sometimes worry, sometimes sad, sometimes even cheerful but it’s should has a bitter start go along with serials tragedy then comes to happy end.

No matter, "不忍", "揪心", these two kind emotional words to me is very difficult to translate them in English. The main reason may due to my reading isn’t enough. Hope one day to right down a composition will be an easy and fluently work to me.