I studied physiognomy and astrology since I was a child, my mother influenced me. She runs a small company; the skill helped her do the recruiting easily. She shared experience to me especially special case happened. The real cases became powerful precedents convinced me trust the skill more.
Long time pass, studied the skill becomes my regular hobby. I use it to evaluate employee, friends, and neighbors. I trust it so much; I even use it to against people who related with me. Then one day I found, only one type people surround me. The scope of friends becomes small. I realized something happen, and started to view internally my-self and the skill I used to trust.
When I found the deeply drawback my- self, I started to change. I am trying to extend the vision what I used to be.
The skill should be purpose for helping people to understand each other. To realize that individual group has each own character. If I cannot learn how to respect the difference, one day I will finally alone.

PS: I found someone is guarding me. Every time before I made big mistake, the unknown power will shows and stop me.

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